blacks and blues

jeans: adriano goldshmeid, top, ring: forever21, sweater: h&m, flats: urban outfitters, bag: target.

Growing up, I wore a lot of blue.  I have blue eyes, so bright blue shirts seemed to match them.  Eventually, I got kind of sick of the color, and recently I realized I had a lot of navy in my wardrobe, but very few brights and royal blues.  Well, that is until I re-discovered this shirt in my closet!  I had gotten it from forever21 (you’ll soon find I shop there a lot), and you can’t really see in this photo but there are little bows printed all over it.  I absolutely love the shape paired with skinny jeans, and I think the addition of my yellow bag made the colors really shine.  I wore this shopping with my friend downtown on Saturday.  Sadly, it was covered up by my coat most of the time…which just means I can wear it again very soon without anyone knowing…right?


old french glamour

top: h&m, skirt: thrifted, boots, necklace: forever21, bracelets: handmade.

I wore this outfit out last night; my friends and I were going to a bar with an “old french glamour” theme, so we wanted to dress up a bit.  We stayed for wonderful martinis that were too expensive, and then headed down the street to brick & mortar (a bar)-although I do have to admit, I’m a bit embarrassed I’ve gone there so often.  The bouncer actually introduced himself to me last night because he’s seen me around so much.  I’m going to take that as a compliment?

Regardless, I loved this outfit so much.  I originally had on a dress but last minute decided to change, and am so glad I did.  The skirt is thifted (or…stolen from friend who thrifted it?), the top is a crop from h&m, and the boots are from forever21.  I love these boots, although I can’t quite figure out how to wear them with pants yet, so I’ve been sticking to skirts for now.  This outfit, paired with tons of colorful jewelry and a dirty martini with extra olives (the bartender gave me four!), made for a great night.

brick & mortar


pants, sweater: gap, top: urban outfitters, belt: forever21, flats: madewell.

My first outfit post-finally.  I wore this going out for drinks with my friend Saturday night.  I’ve had this shirt for about a year but haven’t worn it yet…I always think it’s too wide.  Well, this old forever21 jeweled belt fixed that!  I loved how this looked.  And the flats.  Madewell flats.  I’m obsessed, although they hurt my left foot in a really weird way.  Totally worth it.

Hi friends!

Hey, I’m Allie (Allison, really, but no one calls me that).

I’m twenty-three, and a recent graduate working in a neuroscience lab.  Basically, I cut fly brains and play with human blood samples all day.  While this sounds kind of cool (or really weird, it depends on who is reading this), it makes dressing for work…interesting, as the uniform is basically jeans and sneakers in my lab.  I love clothing and playing around with my style, and love reading fashion blogs…so I thought, why not start my own?  I hope this evolves into something fun, and I hope you enjoy.