black, blue & blurry

flats: target, dress: forever21

flats, scarf: target, dress: forever21, sweater: gap.


I apologize for the quality of these photos…but seem to be posting them anyways?  I got this dress a few months ago and hadn’t worn it yet, and when I put it on the other morning I wasn’t sure why that was the case, since I loved it!  It’s a simple a-line navy dress, which I actually paired with a black belt, black tights, black flats, and a black sweater tied at my waist.   None of which you can discern from these photos.  I’m loving the combination of black and blue recently.  Since it decided to still be winter outside (or feel like it at least…) I put the scarf on for my commute.  But I think I ended up wearing it all day at work.  Labs are cold!  My lab is at least.  I think I spend the majority of the time blasting our little space heater on my legs while I’m sitting at my desk.  And then I always get up and wonder why my legs are bright red and hot and the rest of my body is oddly cold in comparison?  Space heaters still rock, though.

Better photos to come…I can feel it.


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