glasses with a pop

sweater: gap, skirt: forever21.


My mom watches a lot of TLC shows and keeps telling me about the importance of a “P.O.C.,” or a pop of color, in an outfit.  I guess I took this advice to heart when I chose this outfit, seeing as the skirt is certainly a “pop” in the sea of black.  I got it at forever21 on my birthday and love it!  Mustard is my new favorite color to wear, I think it just goes with everything.  And my new glasses!  I’ve been needing new ones foreverrrr…I stepped on my old ones about two years ago, so I’ve had a tilted glasses look going on for a while.  I never really wear my glasses, only before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning, but with these new ones I’m thinking I’ll break them out during the day.

Also, this picture was taken in my parent’s house, hence the completely different background.  Still working on setting up that SLR self timer…


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