camera woes & the weekend

I’ve been trying to find a good spot in my apartment to place my camera for self-timer shots, but have failed thus far.  Apparently a very tiny room does not help in that department.  I’m determined, however, to find a place to take better outfit shots than the mirror, and will soon!

In the meantime, I’ve been busy researching and reading articles for an upcoming paper I have to write in a class I’m taking about neuroscience and human emotion.  I know this has nothing to do with fashion at all, but I’m writing about neuroscience and criminology–basically, how the brain is involved in violence and aggression.  It’s extremely interesting stuff to read.

That, paired with the trip to Gap I took yesterday to find colored skinny jeans (which was a fail, theirs are cropped and I wanted longer ones), and drinks with a friend downtown last night, have made for a great weekend.

Fashion posts will resume Monday.  And anyone know where to find neon colored skinny jeans?


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