Staying in the spirit of “wrist play,” I took a few pictures of my bracelets…and the tattoo that I draw on myself pretty much every other day.

my wrist! and desk at work. and nails that need to be fixed.

I’ve wanted this tattoo since I was seventeen, and have been too scared to actually get it.  The basis of that fear was most likely my parents’ threats to stop paying for college lest I actually get a tattoo, but now that I’ve graduated, I’m toying with the idea of going for it.  Sorry, mom and dad.  I still need to muster up the courage and I want to be absolutely positive I want it on my wrist (I was also thinking of ribs, but then I never get to see it during the day–and what fun is that?), but maybe I’ll do it soon.  And why “be?”  It was originally inspired by my obsession with the song “be” by Common when I was in high school, but it’s definitely changed over the years to become a bit more personal.  That song does rock, though.

Okay, this really had nothing to do with fashion.  But it does have to do with more bracelets!  Pretty bracelets.  I’ll be back later tonight with an outfit post, I promise.


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