wrist play

Bracelets: handmade.

I discovered pinterest in January.  I was home sick from work on a rainy Friday afternoon and needed a break from watching re-runs of season 2 of the office (which is what I had been doing all morning).  I remembered my sister texting me about pinterest the day before, and I had read about it on so many blogs, so I decided I’d check it out.  And then I became addicted, like, ten minutes later.  It’s such a weird idea that just makes so much sense–a virtual bulletin board!  Awesome.

My favorite searches thus far have been design ones (I re-did my room!) and DIY-jewelry ones.  I came across tons of bracelet posts on one of my now-favorite blogs, honestlywtf , and decided to treck to the hardware store for some supplies and start crafting in my sniffly state.  I eventually “had” to go to acmoore that weekend, to get more supplies, but am so pleased with what I’ve created!  I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on these, and have made lots more in different neon colors.  Definitely check out the tutorials here!


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