blacks and blues

jeans: adriano goldshmeid, top, ring: forever21, sweater: h&m, flats: urban outfitters, bag: target.

Growing up, I wore a lot of blue.  I have blue eyes, so bright blue shirts seemed to match them.  Eventually, I got kind of sick of the color, and recently I realized I had a lot of navy in my wardrobe, but very few brights and royal blues.  Well, that is until I re-discovered this shirt in my closet!  I had gotten it from forever21 (you’ll soon find I shop there a lot), and you can’t really see in this photo but there are little bows printed all over it.  I absolutely love the shape paired with skinny jeans, and I think the addition of my yellow bag made the colors really shine.  I wore this shopping with my friend downtown on Saturday.  Sadly, it was covered up by my coat most of the time…which just means I can wear it again very soon without anyone knowing…right?


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